200403 Windows-05.png
200403 Windows-05.png
 The aim of the initiative #ConnectingWindows" is to create an equal and democratic online
platform so that any user, either a student, an architect or a simply curious, may access to a
collection of emerging offices whose work aims to be crucial in the near future.
The collaborative spirit of these young offices joins forces despite physical distances and
group each other around the same "building". Once connected, their creativity, imagination
and practice will show its identity hallmark to the world.
The wall that enclosed us for a long time until the
man behind it, feeling a new freedom, wanted
 to look out. He hammered away to make an
opening. The wall cried. “I have protected you”.
And the man said. “I appreciate your faithfulness,
 but I feel time has brought change”.
The wall was sad, man realized something good.
He visualised the openings as gracefully arched,
glorifying the wall. The wall was terribly pleased
with its arch and carefully made jamb.
The opening became part of the order of the wall.
Louis I. Kahn, 1971